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Watch Saturday Night Live's Christmas Morning Sketch

Kristen Wiig Is Every Mum on Christmas Morning in This Hella Relatable SNL Sketch

Christmas morning is supposed to be a magical time where everyone gets to dig through their mountains of gifts and share in their holiday spirit — except for the parents, of course. In a Christmas sketch that is both hilarious and tragically realistic, Saturday Night Live host Kristen Wiig showed just how magical Christmas morning can be for everyone else but Mum.

As Kristen's family wakes up on Christmas Day, they happily reveal all their holiday bounty through song. Her son, played by Kyle Mooney, gets a Nerf gun, Hulk hands, a telescope, and a drum set. Her daughter, played by Chloe Fineman, gets a hat, a phone, a copy of The Catcher in the Rye, and a globe. And while her husband receives a signed baseball bat, a tie, and a laptop, Kristen gets a robe. Yep, that's right — Mum gets a dressing gown that was 40 percent off!

As the kids and her husband continue listing down their insane amount of presents (the kids even get the piano from Big!), their mum makes their breakfast, burning her hand and noting that she didn't even scream because "I keep the pain inside of me." She doesn't even get anything in her stocking! But you know who gets a big surprise in the end? The dog! And of course, after she's made them breakfast, watched them open all their presents — while wearing her brand new discounted robe — they all take a picture that she looks a wreck in.

Whew, it's a little too real! If you needed a reminder to send a message to your mum this week, Saturday Night Live just gave us all the necessary kick in the pants. Maybe spring for some wine to go along with Mum's gifts this year?

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