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Kristen Bell's New Momsplaining Video Is All About Vaginas

Leave It to Kristen Bell to Make a Lesson About Vagina Myths as Entertaining as Possible

If the word vagina somehow makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason, you may not want to watch Kristen Bell's latest Momsplaining web series video. In the fourth season's second episode, the mother of two debunks myths about the "mysterious" and "powerful machine" that is the vagina, cracking jokes every step of the way. Kristen isn't alone on her vajayjay-fact-learning mission, as she's joined by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Executive Producer Andy Lassner, Hollywood ob-gyn Dr. Sherry A. Ross, and a soon-to-be first-time mum named Victoria.

Together the group tackles common questions about lady bits, including whether it's safe to have sex during pregnancy, exactly how "self-cleaning" they are, and how much your diet affects your nether region. Although Andy appears to be wildly uncomfortable the entire time — even admitting, "I'm in hell" at one point — we'd like to point out that there's no shame whatsoever in openly discussing vaginal health. Just putting that out there.

After disproving a handful of myths, Kristen and Andy took their knowledge to the streets to quiz passersby about orgasms, Kegel exercises, vagina nicknames, and more. Watch the video above to see how well they did and to learn more fun facts about the female reproductive system.

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