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Video of Marie Kondo's Daughter Folding Clothes

If You Think Marie Kondo's Folding Method Is Too Complicated, Watch This 3-Year-Old Dominate It

If you want your kids to be tidier, Marie Kondo has proven there's no better way than leading by example.

The Japanese organising guru recently shared an adorable video of her two young daughters folding clothes to go into a suitcase for an upcoming trip.

The Instagram post — captioned, "Folding is fun!" — shows her 3-year-old daughter Satsuki carefully yet confidently folding a pair of pink pants while 2-year-old Miko watches in amazement.

When the girl finishes the perfect vertical fold, she jumps up and beams into the camera with pride.

But don't think that Marie Kondo has been ruthlessly training her children to do laundry: she has said multiple times that she simply makes a point to tidy in the presence of her kids. They in turn see that it sparks joy in their mother and naturally pick up on that themselves.

This sweet video of a little girl following in her mama's very neat footsteps is worth remembering if you think kids are too young to be tidy!

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