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What Beginners Need For the Kitchen | Deliciously Ella

The Beginner's Guide to the Kitchen, According to Deliciously Ella

Deep in a forest of Instagram brunches and "effortless" macarons, it's easy for a kitchen novice to feel somewhat overwhelmed. But fear not: Deliciously Ella has the answers to ease you back into the room you currently house Pop-Tarts and wine bottles in. We recently got candid with Ella at Berlin's IFA conference, where Beko was launching the healthy-eating initiative #EatLikeaPro. The campaign is backed by both Ella and footballer Patrick Kluivert, and it encourages children to eat like their heroes in an attempt to cut down on childhood obesity.

"It's all about ingredients and equipment," Ella starts. And when it comes to ingredients, she suggests keeping your cupboard and fridge stocked with versatile basic ingredients and seasonings. "Nobody wants just boiled broccoli, whereas if I said I was going to saute the broccoli in garlic, onion, and chillies, then add toasted almonds and sesame dressing . . ." Let's just say her answer was interrupted by my approving groans. "We were at a restaurant a few nights ago and they had this miso-glazed broccoli with toasted sesame seeds and everyone loved it. But if it had just said broccoli, nobody would have ordered it."

As for that well-stocked cupboard, Ella suggests filling with a great spice rack featuring cumin, paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and ginger along with almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds, for that essential broccoli upgrade. Finally, add your tins of chickpeas, lentils, bags of oats, and brown rice, and you "suddenly have this whole cupboard you can just add to with fresh things rather than feeling you have to start from scratch every single time".

As for equipment, "There are two pieces of equipment I always come back to each time," Ella adds. "A blender is really good because it allows you to make soups and smoothies." Her beginner's smoothie suggestion features bananas, berries, and spinach (all of which are frozen) blended with oats, nut butter, and an alternative milk, and voila! "You can take it on your commute with you, it's super easy."

Her second weapon of choice? "I really like a food processor as well." Ella suggests taking your brown rice and broccoli dinner from zero to hero by whizzing up roasted butternut squash hummus as a worthy addition to an otherwise-boring meal. "You suddenly add some of that and it adds colour and flavour," she explains.

There you have it: get spicy, kit out your cupboards, and invest in a good blender, like the Beko Hand Blender (£44), and you're ready to take on the kitchen like never before. Move over, Pop-Tarts.