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Pops Boozy Ice Lollies

These Boozy Ice Lollies Come in Champagne, Frosé, and Prosecco!

Boozy ice lollies are the hottest way to cool down this Summer, and the new products keep on coming. Your next obsession will be the Champagne, Frosé, and Prosecco ice lollies from Pops, a brand of ice lollies made in Britain using all-natural ingredients. Each ice lolly comes push-pop style and contains about four percent alcohol by volume, which is a little less than the average ABV for beer. The flavours are downright mouthwatering and will make you want to transport yourself to a poolside party immediately. The Bellini Popsicle is made with half a glass of Prosecco, peach schnapps, blood oranges, and hibiscus flowers for colouring. The Classic Champagne Popsicle is made with pure Champagne and is basically like eating a Champagne slushie. There's even a Moscow Mule Popsicle.