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Which Crystal Is Best For Anxiety?

I Suffer From Anxiety, and Now I Don't Go Anywhere Without This Pocket-Sized Tool


Those who have ever battled with anxiety will know that understanding and managing its symptoms presents something of a challenge, as does educating those who aren't fighting it. Logic seems redundant, so reasoning with the beast leaves you feeling at a loss. In my most powerless times, I take comfort in the form of a token mascot: a rose quartz crystal.

Dealing with anxiety requires patience and perseverance along with peer and professional support and the necessary treatments. However, if anxiety is your Everest, I recommend having this extra tool in your kit when you go climbing.

Rose quartz, typically known to represent unconditional love, is said to optimise the love within you, as it steers you away from misdirection and reminds you to stay compassionate toward yourself and others, according to The Power of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles. In Everyday Magic, Rituals, Spells, & Potions to Live Your Best Life, Semra Haksever refers to the rose quartz as the mum in the crystal family tree: "She has everyone's back, is a great listener, and gives THE best hugs." Whether polished or raw, this loving stone has a devoted warmth to it that will put you in good company when you're in need of support.

I picture my anxiety as a gentle blur, wading through my mind's clarity and confidence.

This year alone, my palm-shaped rose quartz has been firmly clutched en route to meeting new friends, has complemented Dutch courage on dates, and helped me focus on breathing when on tightly packed public transport. I picture my anxiety as a gentle blur, wading through my mind's clarity and confidence. Other times it can be frantic and all-encompassing, snatching at my breath. My rose quartz mascot gives me something to focus on while I inhale and exhale deeply and recover my calm state. It is a centring talisman that combats the overwhelming nature of finances or the fear of dress code uncertainty (I'm always in a sequinned skirt), easing me back to clarity.

If rose quartz isn't calling to you, the rest of the quartz family may also be useful when it comes to anxiety. Clear quartz may be common but it doesn't make the high-vibe stone any less healing. Equip yourself with this crystal and it could act as a compass when you're feeling most lost and in need of a spirit lift. Amethyst promotes balance and will help you control your emotions, preventing you from becoming "drunk" with feeling.

If anxiety is your Everest, you'll want this tool in your kit when you go climbing.

If you are looking to up your chances with a cocktail of stones, throw blue lace agate into the mix. For those feeling simply suffocated with stress, this crystal may restore peace by realigning the communication with yourself and others, while gently dissolving negative thoughts. Don't turn your nose up at tiger's eye either, known to be both a confidence booster and a protector, helping combat any bursts of doubt in your mind. Knowles refers to this stone as "the trusted bodyguard."

I'm not suggesting that toting a quartz crystal in your new Ganni pouch will be the anxiety cure-all you seek, but maybe it will help you the way it's helped me.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed and need help finding help or resources, call Anxiety UK (03444 775 774) or Mind (0300 123 3393).

Image Source: Pexels / Erin Profaci
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