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Watch the Trailer For the Line of Duty Series 6 Finale

Line of Duty: Watch the Thrilling Trailer For the Series 6 Finale

Line of Duty series 6 is sadly coming to an end next week, and after the penultimate episode on Sunday night that saw DSU Jo Davidson (Kelly Macondald) go to prison, retired (and bent) police officer Marcus Thurwell (James Nesbitt) turn up murdered in Spain (at least, we think), and DI Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) receive a very serious email, we figured we were in one for one very intense final episode. And our suspicions were confirmed after watching the series 6 finale trailer just released by the BBC.

The teaser trailer is short — a little under 30 seconds — but in typical Line of Duty fashion, it's packed with hints and clues as to what is to come. Narrated by Superintendent Ted Hasting (Adrian Dunbar), the video clip starts by showing many of the untimely murders that have occurred this season, including that of Marcus Thurwell, PC Lisa Patel (Tara Divina), and journalist Gail Vella (Andi Osho)."All of these suspicious deaths were orchestrated by one officer in particular", Hastings says, followed by one of his dramatic pauses . . . "H, the fourth man". Immediately, the camera flashes quickly between all of the characters that writer Jed Mercurio has at some point hinted could be "H", including DSU Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin), Chief Constable Philip Osbourne (Owen Teale), Thurwell, Hasting himself, and DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure). We also spot a handwritten note with the word "definate" written on it, a spelling mistake fans of the show will recognise as having something to do with the Organised Crime Group (OCG). Will we finally get the answer as to who the elusive "H" is next week?

If we do, it appears there are a lot of events that need to happen before we find out. Jo Davidson could be at risk, with the trailer showing her being transported in an armoured vehicle (never a good sign in Line of Duty land), followed by yet another car chase and shoot-out. The clip ends with DI Fleming pointing her weapon screaming "I'm police"! a situation she's found herself in quite a bit this season.

Watch the entire teaser trailer above.

Image Source: BBC
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