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Watch Jimmy Fallon Sing "Starting to Crack" Song | Video

We Hereby Declare Jimmy Fallon's "Starting to Crack" Song Our Social-Distancing Anthem

What has Jimmy Fallon been doing with his spare time at home lately, you ask? Well, taking multiple showers, eating Pepsi-soaked potato chips for breakfast, and Zoom video calling his third cousins, apparently. During the latest at-home episode of his talk show, Fallon performed a song titled "Starting to Crack," which he wrote to express the struggles of social distancing with his family for weeks on end. Whether you're currently staying indoors with your family, roommates, or yourself, the relatable-as-hell lyrics will undoubtedly speak to your soul.

The opening verse of the made-up track touches on Fallon's monotonous morning routine, as he sings, "Woke up, showered, brushed my teeth. I got dressed, had something to eat. Got undressed and took another shower." Post-double-showering, he "cleaned the floors until they sparkled," "read the Wikipedia for Meghan Markle," and "looked at TikTok for seven hours." Sound familiar? Of course, the father of two couldn't resist touching on his daughters' confusing maths assignments and his habit of drinking three glasses of wine by 4 p.m. Same, Jimmy . . . same. Watch the video above to hear the unofficial theme song of staying at home in its entirety.

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