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Beauty Influencer Anchal Is Releasing Her First Book

Beauty Influencer Anchal Is Releasing Her First Ever Book, What Would The Aunties Say?

Anchal Seda started her podcast, What Would The Aunties Say?, back in 2020, as a way of opening up the discussion about judgement from family members in South Asian culture. The episodes explored a number of issues that young brown women and men face today, from the difficulties of interracial relationships and colourism within your own community to the struggles associated with assimilating into western culture and experiences of anti-Blackness.

On 12 May, she's announced that she'll be writing her first book, inspired by the topics covered on the podcast and titled with the same name. It's one of the few coming-of-age books written primarily for a South Asian audience and follows in the footsteps of a number of brown female authors, including Burnt Roti creator Sharan Dhaliwal, Anita Bhagwandas, and Poorna Bell, all of whom announced new books releasing this year.

Seda's book is essentially going to be the brown girl's guide to "being yourself and living your best life" and aims to openly and honestly explore the shared experiences of "the brown girls" from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The book's synopsis reads "What Would The Aunties Say? takes you through every aspect of life. It will help you handle the challenges we face and encourage you to embrace the benefits of the fusion of East and West, while inspiring you to be unapologetically yourself".

What Would The Aunties Say? is set for release in August 2021.

Image Source: Simon & Schuster
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