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Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon Perform “Don’t Touch Grandma”

Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon Perform "Don’t Touch Grandma" To Promote Safe Social Distancing

Adam Sandler "popped in" to see Jimmy Fallon on Monday for the second time in a week to perform a "quarantine song." In his first performance on April 3, Sandler rocked out on an electric guitar and thanked essential workers around the world for their hard work. He also poked fun at himself, and the absurdity of home schooling his children, singing, "I'm teaching maths to my kids and that can't be good for America."

This time around, Fallon jumped on the guitar to sing a duet that stressed the importance of not hanging out with grandma, and practicing safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the joke-y, light-hearted song, Fallon and Sandler suggest learning to play Canasta across the room, and assure you that you'll still get a whiff of that comforting grandma smell from six feet away. You can catch the full song in the video above.

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