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Will There Be a Season 2 of Euphoria?

Time to Celebrate, Euphoria Fans — HBO Has Renewed the Drama Series For Season 2

We're only at the beginning of HBO's new series Euphoria, but we're already ready for a season two. In addition to a number of graphic and disturbing scenes that show the harsh realities of drug addiction, mental disorders, and cyberbullying of a sexual nature, viewers have been introduced to a slate of interesting, complex characters who undoubtedly have stories that are well worth exploring in greater depth. Thanks to the powers that be — aka HBO — the teen-drama has officially been renewed for a second season!

A total of eight episodes will air this Summer for the first season, and, although it's based on an Israeli miniseries, it's worth noting that HBO's official Euphoria page describes it as a "series" rather than a miniseries — which is a fair indication the network has always been open to the possibility of a second season.

The biggest factor in deciding whether or not to renew a series is, of course, ratings. Euphoria was at a major advantage in the US due to its time slot — it aired on Sunday evenings directly after the massive hit Big Little Lies. As reported by Variety, the series debuted to "solid, if unspectacular" numbers. A total of 577,000 viewers tuned in to the premiere in the US (to put that in context, 1.5 million viewers had just watched Big Little Lies that evening). But Euphoria performed well on the HBO GO and HBO NOW streaming platforms, bringing total viewership up to approximately one million.

Of course, the series has gotten a great deal of press and the young stars have been extremely active on social media to promote it, so it's not surprising that a lot of people wanted to check it out. Although reviews for Euphoria are generally positive, it has also received its share of criticism due to the extremely graphic nature of a show that's aimed at teenagers. When there's a lot of hype surrounding a new series, it's common for viewership to drop midseason after viewers who were initially intrigued lose interest or simply decide they don't really like the show. Luckily, that doesn't seem to have been the case when it comes to Euphoria

When it comes to season two, the series has a seriously talented cast, so showrunners have plenty of options for a new plot line. Zendaya's character, Rue, is at the centre of season one, and her performance has been incredible, but other characters — particularly Jules — have quickly become fan favourites. Then there's Rue's younger sister, Gia, who is traumatised after discovering her unconscious sister after the overdose that landed Rue in rehab. It would certainly be valuable to explore how addiction disorders impact patients' family members.

There are plenty of avenues for Euphoria to explore with season two, and we cannot wait to see what the cast and crew bring us next season.

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