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Liam Payne Talks LP1 and Post Malone on The Tonight Show

Liam Payne Confesses That One Direction Could Have Had the Boring Name "USP" — and We Cannot

Liam Payne stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to share a few juicy bits of info, about his new album LP1, Post Malone sliding into his DMs, and meeting Steven Spielberg on his birthday.

Payne told Fallon that fans decided on the name for his new album. The title LP1 originally meant "long play", but after fans started using it as a hashtag, the singer left it open to interpretation. It's crucial to note that the album title LP1 has already been used by British songwriter FKA Twigs who released it as her 10-track debut studio album in 2014.

Payne went on to confess that before One Direction made it big, his father, Geoff Payne wanted to name the boy band, "USP" which stands for "Unique Selling Point". Apparently, when the original five-some first auditioned in Manchester, they all wanted to sing the solo part and couldn't move their egos out of the way, so that's how "Unique Selling Point" almost became a thing.

Back on the topic of Payne's album, Fallon asked the singer, "Is there anyone that you want to collaborate with now that you haven't?", where Payne confessed, "I'd say out of everybody, Post Malone. He actually slid in my DMs one night". Payne recalled covering one of Post Malone's songs or posting something nice about him, and Post Malone sent Payne a direct message saying "love you" — so cute. Payne then finished off the interview by sharing the epic moment when he got to meet Steven Spielberg, after auditioning for the remake of West Side Story. When Spielberg walked in and said "Liam!", Payne freaked and couldn't believe that "Steven Spielberg knows my name!" — of course he does, love.

Watch every detail of Payne's epic stories, hear about his new album, Post Malone's love for Olive Garden, and Steven Spielberg eating a cookie in the video above.

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