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Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Fallon Make Challah on The Tonight Show

Watching Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon Make Challah Over Video Call Soothes My Baking Soul

For me, more time at home translates to more time baking. I'm often on the lookout for recipes to try, and I get excited when I see celebrities sharing their favourite meals or desserts. That's why I immediately clicked when I saw Hugh Jackman made a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show to coach Jimmy Fallon through his challah loaf. I haven't made challah before, but I feel a little more prepared after a few pointers from Hugh.

In true "work-from-home" fashion, Hugh and Jimmy get sweetly interrupted through their interview by family members. Hugh's wife, Deb, makes a cameo at the beginning to talk about their wedding anniversary and her missed connection to Mick Jagger, and Jimmy's 5-year-old daughter, Franny, later crashes their baking for a little camera time. Watch the clip above to see how the process goes down. Hugh clearly has a deep appreciation for bread after avoiding it for 17 years while playing Wolverine.

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