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Revlon ColorBurst Matte Red Lipstick Beauty Review

The Lip Colour That People Always Comment On

When you find a lipstick that works for you, you should stock up, and it's safe to say Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Striking (£8) is a product I'm going to be buying in bulk. Having struggled with matte lipsticks in the past — I have the driest lips in the known universe — discovering a product that gives a matte finish without the associated dryness is a miracle. I wouldn't call this chunky lip pencil moisturising per se, but it's definitely a lot softer and waxier than most matte formulas, leaving my lips a rich red without any chalkiness. As a bonus, the true red is the perfect shade for perking up my pale skin, and it stays on much longer than you'd imagine. For a drugstore buy, this little bargain delivers results on a par with products that cost three times as much. It's drawn compliments from Paris Fashion Week attendees, jewellery designers, and family members alike. If you've struggled to find a red that works for you, give this a try. It looks chic and modern, and it's cheap enough to risk trying something new and bold!

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