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Chrissy Teigen Becca Palette Review

Things I Learned at Chrissy Teigen's Palette Launch — And No, She Didn't Get "Extensive Plastic Surgery"

Here's the deal: I got to meet my Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen and help her celebrate the launch of the Becca Cosmetics Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette by getting an early preview and learning about how it all came to fruition. I also learned a few things she absolutely hates when it comes to makeup, because if there's one thing you can bet on from Chrissy, it's that she'll speak her mind.

Chrissy collaborated with makeup artist Mary Phillips (who also works with Jennifer Lopez!) on every part of the palette. She was clear on a few things — namely, she didn't want the whole thing to be too sparkly or overly shimmery. She wanted it to be easy for everyone to use at home, and she worried that with too much shimmer, people might go crazy and end up looking like a disco ball. The palette, which includes a bronzer, a blush, and two highlighters (one rose gold and one apricot), worried her a bit because she felt the blush was too bright. Because the palette leans more bronze, she and Mary worked to sheer out the pigment of the coral blush so it was complementary to the other pieces of the palette.

The palette focuses on warmer tones instead of cool tones, which makes sense: Chrissy has a warm complexion. Mary explained that it isn't too gold, though, and it's definitely not cool or silver, meaning if you're fair complected or have a deeper tone, it will still work for you. You can sheer out everything if you're fair and layer it if you're deep complected.

As for her dislikes, Chrissy was quick to lay down the law on a few trending makeup and beauty looks.

Liner on her lower waterline

The model and author explained that she lets Mary do whatever she wants when it comes to makeup, but the one stipulation is she cannot add anything insider her lower waterline.

Lip masks

"Waste of f*cking money," she said. "Don't get them."

Washing her face before bed

The model told us that she has "never washed her face before bed." She'll "rip off her eyelashes" but doesn't remove her makeup. And yet her skin is still perfect, which could be attributed to her esthetician, Shani Darden. We can only dream of this type of luck.

Insane Instagram highlighting

"I don't want to be a hater, but I am," she said. "I see all the Instagram posts, and I did not want to look like those girls that just look silver. You don't have to be a slay queen just because you look like a silver zorbot. That look is done. I'm tired of silver cheekbones and nose. And I'm f*cking over strobing!" Chrissy later added she has no idea what a zorbot is, but you get her drift.

Armpit fat

She probably doesn't hate it, per se, but when asked about the craziest beauty treatment she received, she admitted that she "sucked her armpits" about nine years ago to get rid of fat pockets.

Also, it's been reported that Chrissy underwent "major plastic surgery," and it's simply not true. The statement was largely taken out of context.

This is what happened: Chrissy brought up that everyone thinks her cheeks are fake. She clarified that they are not, but joked that "everything else is." She did point to her forehead and her mouth area, which I interpreted as referring to getting Botox in her forehead and her veneers. This is something she's been very open about in the past. There was no discussion of extensive plastic face or body surgery. In fact, the only plastic surgery brought up was the aforementioned armpit liposuction — and playfully mentioning her mother's nose job.

Now that that's cleared up, I have to say I haven't been happier with a palette in a very long time. I want to look dewy and glowy when I apply highlighter, and even with some Becca products, I feel like the highlight isn't as sheer or natural as I'd like it to be. This is a palette you can wear to work, running errands, brunch, a big event, breastfeeding your child — doesn't matter what it is, you can wear it and feel natural while doing so.

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