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Black Women Athletes Are Changing Beauty Ideals in Olympics
Summer Olympics 2021
What We Love to See: Black Women Olympians Doing What They Want With Their Hair and Nails
by Charlene Masona
UK Hairdressers Must Know How to Cut Afro Hair Going Forward
UK Hairdressers Now Have to Learn to Cut and Style Textured Hair — and It's About Time
by Vanese Maddix
Our Favourite Summer Fragrances to Wear as the Weather Warms Up
by Tori Crowther
Cruella: Hair and Makeup Designer Nadia Stacey's Inspiration
From the Sex Pistols to RuPaul's Drag Race: How Cruella's Makeup Artist Created the Film's Epic Looks
by Tori Crowther
Roxanne Campbell's Evolution From Manicurist to Entrepreneur

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